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Wade E. Taylor

A Prophet of God

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Wade Taylor has authored three devotional books, “The Secret of the Stairs,” “Waterspouts of Glory,” and "Unlocking the Mysteries of the Kingdom" which have touched countless lives around the world.


His walk with the Lord began in the mid 1950’s when God called him to sell two successful businesses ... a general insurance agency, and a cable television company, in order to more fully concentrate on preparation for the Lord's call on his life to the ministry.

He enrolled as a student at Eastern Bible Institute (EBI) in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 1956, where one of his teachers, Walter Beuttler, had a profound influence on his life. He encouraged his students to cultivate a personal and experiential knowledge of the Lord. Through the example of his personal walk with the Lord, and the “impartation” of his teachings into Wade Taylor’s life, two transforming qualities were established:

  1. Spending quality time “waiting on the Lord.”

  2. Seeking to cultivate a hearing ear in order to better hear the voice of the Lord and respond to His presence.

After graduating from Eastern Bible Institute, Wade Taylor purposed to start a church in the city of Philadelphia, but the Lord had different plans. For the next 35 years, he was involved in ministry in two different bible schools.

In 1996, due to having received a very specific word from the Lord to relocate to the nation's capital, Wade moved to Washington, DC. He has an on-going burden for the United States, and spends time in prayer and intercession for the city and the nation.

The much coveted qualities of spiritual excellence, which have been the defining attributes of his life and ministry are now being imparted to the Body of Christ at large, through the three books he has published, which are available on his publications website, www.wadetaylorpublications.org.

He is greatly beloved by God's people as one who has a special anointing to bring forth the deep truths of the Spirit with clarity and simplicity that draws one up into a closer walk and deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Story behind The Secret of the Stairs  

In 1957, Wade Taylor, received a very special revelation of the message within the Song of  Solomon.  As a Bible school student, he had driven a group of students to an outstation in New Jersey.  Saturday evening, hoping that they would get together to pray about the meetings on Sunday, he was disappointed when the others decided to watch television instead.

Feeling a stirring in his spirit, he excused himself and went to his room, and randomly opened his Bible to the Song of Solomon.  As he began reading, something very unusual happened – He became a part of the Song of Solomon, and the Lord enacted within him the lives of each of the three main characters  - Solomon, the Bride, and the Daughters of Jerusalem.

The Lord allowed Wade Taylor to experience, one by one, the progression of events within the Song of Solomon from the perspective of each of the participants - feeling as they felt, and thinking the thoughts that they thought.

This very special experience lasted several hours.  When the Spirit of the Lord lifted, Wade realized that a new and fresh perspective had been imparted to him, with a deeper understanding of the Song of Solomon.  The Lord had “opened” to him the message within the Song of Solomon as being a manual on spiritual growth, and the processes used to bring into spiritual maturity, all those who hunger to better know the Lord, and become His bride.

As this was taking place, Wade thought, “Now I have something to speak, as now I have this understanding,”  But the Lord rebuked him and said: “You are not to speak it!  Rather, you are to live it.  And in time, you are to teach the experience of it.”  

It was not until 1970 when Wade spoke at a small conference in Virginia Beach that he felt released to share what the Lord had revealed to him, years earlier.  The reel-to-reel tapes from these messages were transcribed by his son, William Taylor.  In 1976, the edited transcripts were published as a 53-page booklet called The Secret of the Stairs, with a press run of 2,000.  

In 1987, it was expanded into a 157-page book.  Since then it has been enlarged twice, and reprinted a number of times.  The latest - the 5th edition, has been expanded to 185 pages,  so it will be easier to read and understand the message it contains.

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