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1 Corinthians 12:28    And God hath set some in the church, firstly apostles…”


First is the Greek word Proton meaning first in:

    1.     time

    2.     place

    3.     rank

    4.     order

    5.     importance


    The first four meanings all speak of a “pioneering spirit”. This can relate to either a territory or a truth or revelation. Part of the ministry of the Apostle is to advance the Kingdom of God. Without the Apostolic anointing or this pioneering spirit the church would not move ahead but rather it would stay in the familiar areas it knows. When God raises up Apostles and revival takes place. Churches are planted, etc. It is because of this that it is first in importance also.


  Apostle is the term or title most often used in the New Testament among the Fivefold Ministry giftings. God has restored tongues, healing, prophecy, worship and praise and he is restoring Apostles today! To say that we believe in the church and then to say that we do not believe in Apostles is an oxymoron!


    Much of the problem we have today with the title “Apostle” is due to the translators of the Bible not translating the word Apostle; rather it was “transliterated”. It was just moved into the new translation. This also happened to the word “baptism”. Baptism means immersion but the translators did not change it into their language because they believed in sprinkling. They did not want to rock the boat. The same is true of the word Apostle. We need to translate the word Apostle today in order to have a spiritual vocabulary that will be useful to us and not limit our belief in Apostles today.


 The primary meaning of the word Apostle is to be “a sent one”. All gift ministries must be “sent of God”: the Evangelist is sent to preach… the Teacher to teach, the Prophet to prophesy, the Pastor to shepherd the flock. But, the Apostles very title denotes that his very nature is to be a “sent one”. It is what he is. It’s in his DNA! He eats, drinks and sleeps and preaches “sent”. And that primary anointing that he carries is released into the church in such as way so that others become sent too! Everyone gets a “sent” mentality! The clerk in the supermarket is “sent” by God to touch lives there. The mechanic is “sent” there. The butcher, the barber, the hairdresser, the banker, etc… all begin to have a “sent” mentality!

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